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For All of Us Who've Seen the Light

Salute the Dead and Lead the Fight

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To Wake a Captive Dreamer: Master Post
TEXT - Make cupcakes not war
Title: To Wake a Captive Dreamer
Author: sophie_448
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, implied Chad/Sophia
Word Count: 27,234
Beta: hunterwithcause
Warnings: graphic m/m sex, potentially disturbing description of past sexual assault
Notes: Written for spn_j2_bigbang
Summary: Once upon a time (ten years ago to be precise) something terrible happened to Jensen. He’s been dealing with it, or failing to deal with it, ever since. His best friend, Chris, takes care of him and Steve takes care of Chris. They’re one precariously balanced little family who also happen to play in a band together. When Jared becomes their new bassist, everything changes. An unorthodox retelling of Sleeping Beauty.



Art by causette

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Epilogue | Art, Notes & Soundtrack
[ETA 3/8/18: Read on AO3]

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I am looking forward to read this one ^_-


I totally forgot that today was the 25th. :D

*throws all her plans for today out of the window*

This is going to be awesome, I just know it.

Yay, it's up! I'm looking forward to reading this tonight!

ZOMG It's posted! I can't wait to actually read the final draft, babe, I've been looking forward to this ever since you first told me you had this idea -sends hugs galore-

loved it
chris and steve wondrful pairing and love the guard dog in chris :)
jared--too sweet and just what jensen needed

loved it-great job!


I'm going to read that tonight!


Oh. My. God.

This was absolutely FANTASTIC, hon! This was BEAUTIFUL! Everybody was just hurty enough to make me ache a little, but not so much as to make me curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. I just...I don't even have words. And the ending was truly PERFECT!

Thank you!!!! <3

I think I already told you how much I loved this, but I just wanted to state it once more.
Listen, I'm mod for a Lj community that simplify the format of SPN fanfics so that people can read them on their cellphones, ipods or palms...would you give me your permission of doing so with this fic? It's incredible and I really think it deserves to reach as many people as possible.

Yeah, of course! Thank you so much *g*

*does victory dance*
I'm so happy!
My first update as a Mod will be filled withmy favourite fics *__*

*is totally selfish and is going to work only on the fics she wants on her own cellphone*

if there's any other fic of yours you want to recommend, I'll be more than happy to read it *__* only for the comm's sake, of course. *nods*

LOL, totally welcome *g*

Honestly, this fic is my baby. It's definitely the best thing I've done. But if you look under my fanfic tag you can find the rest of it. You might like Bookstore!verse, but that was a bit of a different project. I updated it everyday for a month ;-)

*is intrigued*

is it finished? because if it is, I'll totally check it out *is allergic to unfinished fics*

*g* Yeah, all neat and tied up with a bow! It was my New Years resolution, to update it every day in January. Turns out I finished it in exactly 31 days. Here is the master post. :-)

Just a note to tell you I posted a podbook version of momotastic's podfic to podslash and spn_multimedia. This just adds a cover, makes it automatically bookmarkable, and, for those with iTunes, moves it out of the Music folder and into a separate Audiobooks folder where it won't be seen or heard when browsing or listening to songs. It also then automatically shows up in an Audiobooks playlist on an iPod. Causette gave me permission to use her cover art.

Hope you enjoy!

This little word just to let you know how much I've loved this fic. I found it in podfic version, it explains why you haen't got over enthusiastic messages all over every comment pages.
For starters it's very well written and rings very right and very in character for every and each one of them. I was also very happy to see Steve and Chris featured so proeminently.
Second, the sountrack touched me deeply. I didn't know Above and Below and it makes me feel weird as how much it rings true to me. It also made me want to pull my hair out that I can't find any tabs for Steve or Kane anywhere...
And third, well... the longer I go, the farther I am out of touch and this, it hit close to home, really. I'm a lot like Jensen in a way, and it made me feel a lot better, although a bit shaky.

This long review just to say... I love this!

I found this in podfic and I've listened to it two or three times now and I've gotta say, Best.Thing.Ever. This stories lovely and the fairy tale-meets-real life was beautifully done. I loved the boys, and Chris and Steve, and everything about this story. Thanks :)

Thanks so much! That's one of the best things anybody's ever said about this fic :-D

Congrats! ☆ Your fic is recced here at sawedoff_recs.

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