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For All of Us Who've Seen the Light

Salute the Dead and Lead the Fight

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To Wake a Captive Dreamer: Prologue
TEXT - Make cupcakes not war

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Once upon a time there lived a king and queen. They reigned over a prosperous kingdom and were wealthy and happy. They lacked only one thing to make their happiness complete, and that was a child. Before many years had passed, their wish came true, and the queen gave birth to a son. All the kingdom rejoiced at the birth of the young prince, lavishing rich gifts on him, except for one man. An evil wizard lived in the kingdom and he was filled with a jealous rage, for he had been in love with the king many years ago. He hated the queen and the newborn prince for gaining the king’s love when he could not, but he hated the king even more for slighting him.

On the very day of the prince’s birth, the evil wizard came to the queen, sneaking past the armed guards of the palace. He laid a curse upon the child, swearing that the prince would pay for his father’s misdeeds. The king discovered the wizard’s presence and had him banished immediately, but the damage was done. The queen wept bitterly for the fate of her child and the king decided that they should flee to a faraway kingdom. They vanished without a trace, hoping that if the wizard could not find them, his curse might never be fulfilled.

At first they were afraid every day, but as time went on and it seemed that the wizard had not followed them, they became content. They lived happily in exile for many years and the young prince grew up strong, handsome, and wise, with eyes as green as leaves in spring and hair as golden as honey and flax. The king and queen could almost believe that the curse and their previous life had been nothing but a bad dream. They were certain that the wizard could never find them.

All this time, though, the wizard had been working strong, dark magic to find the young prince. Finally, on the prince’s fifteenth birthday, his long search was rewarded. He went immediately to the place where the prince was. He easily separated the prince from the group of young noblemen with whom he was celebrating, pulling him into a dark passageway.

The wizard meant to kill the prince, but when he looked upon him he was overcome with lust. He resembled the king greatly. With a howl of rage and despair, the wizard forced the prince to lie with him. The prince was untouched and he begged the wizard to show mercy, but the wizard refused to relent. He finally left the prince broken and despairing on the ground.

When the king and queen learned what had happened, they were horrified. They sent guards into every part of the kingdom and the wizard was quickly found. His actions were so evil that his magic had deserted him. He no longer had the power to flee and he was thrown into the deepest dungeon where he remained to the miserable end of his days.

The damage to the prince, however, could not be undone. The curse had been fulfilled and he became a shadow of his former self. Eventually he learned to smile and laugh again, but they were merely echoes. Thorns grew up around his heart so that no one could reach him and, safe behind his impenetrable wall of brambles, the prince was asleep.

Part 1

Master Post

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god, my heart is aching.
amazing start, amazing.

Seriously!?!?! <----that is all I could say after it taking me so long to read this story that has to be incredible with a start like that.

Poor prince Jensen. It must have been awful for him.

Off to read Part 1 now

Okay, I'm already in love with this story. Can't wait to read the rest!

So this story was rec'd today and I don't think I've read anything of yours but after reading the prologue I'm about to throw myself in, that was a spectacular start and twist on the fairytale! Work? What work? I'm busy reading...

I love how this is written. It's kind of perfect, what happens to the prince is harsh and horrible, but the way it's worked into a fairytale format keeps it from being, I don't know, too graphic? Disturbing? I am super duper excited to read the rest of this story, I can just tell it's going to be amazing. I am already in love.

oh god this prologue is beautiful, poetic and heartbreaking all at the same time.
now I'm hooked. I'll run to read the rest of it!!
poor little jensen and I hate the "wizard"

Yes, it's 2015 and I found this and am reading this and omg, your prologue actually made me cry, like literally, tears in my yes running down my face sniffling right now and I like this already, I mean I usually wait until the end to give a review when I like something but I liked this SO much that I had to review this prologue because, yeah, emotional retelling and I really like where you've taken this already. So good, excited to read the rest now.

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