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For All of Us Who've Seen the Light

Salute the Dead and Lead the Fight

TEXT - I like it what is it?
*taps mic* Is this thing on?

Ahem. Well, this is my first LJ entry of 2014. Oops? Whatever, you guys know I live on tumblr now. And in case you didn't --> MY TUMBLR

But hey ... who's still hanging out on ye olde LJ? Anyone? Bueller?

WELL. If anybody is still here you've heard me talk about wincon before. I've been going to Wincon since 2007 and it is hands down the best part of my year every year. Because I stuck around long enough and they decided they might as well make use of me if they couldn't get rid of me, I'm now PR chair on the con committee. So sit yourself down while I do some relating to the public. i.e. you lovely people.

Wincon is a 100% volunteer-run con. All of us on the con comm pay for our own registration. All the money taken in goes straight into making an awesome con - hotel fees, swag bags, A/V equipment, etc etc ad nauseum. And up through 2014 we've been pretty self sustaining. Each year's registrations pretty much pay for the con with maybe a few dollars left over to replenish some supplies for the next go round. Or not. Depends on the year really.

But that is coming to an end. With about 100 people, the con is just too expensive to sustain itself. It's too expensive for registration, meaning attendance is dropping. And that's because it costs more per person to run a smaller con than a (slightly) larger one. So, good news! We're growing! To make registration cheaper for everyone and to be able to offer more awesome con fun all at the same time, Wincon needs to grow to about 250-300 people. That's not a huge leap, but it does mean we need a lot of new blood.


To make sure that we have the interest and the funding for a larger con, we're running registration through Indiegogo this year. If we reach our funding goal, Wincon is on! Happy fun times for everyone! If we don't, well, Wincon will be but a fond memory and I will be a very sad internet kitty. I think Wincon deserves to live on, and I'm asking you all to help me out with making that dream a reality.

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