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SPN Fandom, help a girl out?
TEXT - Make cupcakes not war
This is a bit of an odd request, but I know I can count on you guys not to think I'm too weird, right?

Okay, so who remembers a few years ago (2008 to be precise) when there was a, probably ill-conceived, attempt to create a literary magazine style anthology for SPN fandom known as "No Stairway"?

Fandom ... really didn't take it well. There was one issue published and then no more was heard from No Stairway.

If you remember it, did you make a post commenting on it? Positive, negative, neutral, doesn't matter. And/or do you happen to have any links lurking in your bookmarks of other people who made public posts commenting on it. I've managed to turn up a few posts with some judicious googling, but not enough for my purposes.

What are my purposes, you ask? Well, I'm in the midst of writing my masters thesis right now, and the subject is, you guessed it, fandom. Basically, what I'm looking at is how we deal with things when there's conflict and trying to perhaps come up with why we, as a lumpy, not-at-all-unified community respond to certain things in certain ways. i.e. what do we value as a community of writers/creators/crazy fangirls that meant we (collective we) did not hop on board with the idea of an anthology?

Reassurances! I won't be using anyone's LJ names. I may quote selectively from the entries, but the only people who are likely to ever read this are my professors, who I suspect have better things to do than track down fangirls by googling random quotes.

Anyway, if you recall any such entries, I would be FOREVER in your debt if you shared them. Thank you! (For reference, any such entries would most likely have occurred between January and June 2008.)

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Have you posted to the JF Fandom_Lounge comm? If anyone remembers posts/wank about stuff like that, it will be the JF crowd.

I remember it well although sad to say I dodn't post about it. I'm sure you've foudn the SuperWiki entry which doesn't have much inf aside from the names of those involved. I do remember ethrosdemon posting about it altho it may have been flocked.
I remember not being surprised that there was controversy - but that it didn't end up on Fandom Wank and that overall the discussions/arguments were (for fandom) relatively civilised, which was primarily because the idea came from someone roundly respected in fandom (maygra).
I remember that in the end they set up this enormously complex editorial process, and that not many people submitted.
I'd be interested to read your paper!

Yeah, I looked back in the archives and was surprised not to find it on Fandom Wank. I have found a couple of entries that have a ton of comments that will be really good to look through, but I was hoping to find at least a couple of entries that were openly against the idea. That may be hard to come by, though, because I think you're right. If I think back, a lot of the criticism seemed to go on behind flock and in more private conversations.

I actually was involved in the project at the time (just as a staffer) so I can vouch for the complexities of the process. I remember devoting a lot of hours to ironing out editorial guidelines, etc. At the time I didn't really get involved in any outside discussions about it myself, so I can't really recall where I might look.

Ha! If it actually gets done and I survive the process, I'll let you know! :-)

If you're not confined to the SPN fandom, I recommend having a peek into the current 'Help Nathan Buy Firefly' controversy.

I do remember this! I think I made a post stating that I didn't want to be involved in it (but I do remember commenting -- I think on annella's LJ -- about it. But I don't think I have any links aside from those =S

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