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For All of Us Who've Seen the Light

Salute the Dead and Lead the Fight

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The State of the Writer: PLEASE READ
FIREFLY - Mal - Captain Speaking
Okay, guys, this is an important update for those of you interested in reading my fic. I'm really sorry that I've mishandled this lockdown situation. I really, truly meant to deal with the logistics of changing things over within a couple of weeks. Instead it's been months and I've also been terrible about friending people back which was supposed to be my stopgap solution.

So here's the deal. I did create a fic community, and got part of the way through transferring things over.

1. All fic posted prior to my 2008 Big Bang (4/15/08 and earlier) can now be found HERE

2. All NEW FIC from here on out will also be posted HERE so please watch the community if you want to follow my fic.

3. All fic from To Wake a Captive Dreamer (June 2008) to this point is now unlocked on this journal. Have at it and enjoy!

4. I WILL NO LONGER BE FRIENDING PEOPLE ON THIS JOURNAL FOR FIC READING PURPOSES. All the old links for what's been unlocked on this journal will now work, and I've been very careful about tagging on the new community, so you should be able to find what you're looking for there with very little trouble.

5. Eventually, I will finish the job of transferring my old stories to the community, at which point I'll let you all know about any further developments.

Thanks for your attention! And sorry again for not being more prompt about dealing with this. Love you all, and thanks for reading!

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Well, to be fair to you, you've been super busy. Especially from all the posts I saw. This is great though, nice and organized.

Thanks, bb. Yeah, I have been busy, but I feel bad b/c to anyone not on my flist, it definitely looked like I just dropped off the face of the internet. So now at least no one is locked out of anything, even if I'm still a bit disorganized :-)

Thanks so much for the heads up.

Thanks for telling us and lol we totally don't mind the wait :)

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